• Khyatt Desai

Proof That Humanity Is Still Alive And Kicking

"The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane", said Mahatma Gandhi. When I talk about 'Humanity', I am not referring to the human race. I am referring instead, to the one quality, that has sustained our race for so long. Humanity, and the huge power of change it holds, is the centrepiece of our podcast, 'Heroes Without Capes'. The whole process of talking to people and getting to know their stories and views was eye opening to say the least.

What I discovered

When I first thought of starting this podcast, I decided that I was going to interview people from around the world who were working in their own capacities, for the better of humanity. I was a little apprehensive about whether people would be interested in talking to me. But that was solved a few days into it, as people started responding to my emails with a lot of enthusiasm. Energy and enthusiasm are infectious. And they rubbed on to me as I was delighted to see that people were not only responding, but they were also very excited about the whole project.

Sometimes, there are little things that change your whole perspective of the world. This was one of them. When I spoke to these people, everyone of them had a hell of a story to tell. When you listen to them, you can hear the passion in their voices. The passion to make this world a better place. All these people are from different backgrounds, cultures, nations but they come from the same place as far as their intentions are concerned. From teenagers rescuing food, to pizza store owners, to professors, they are all going out of their way to help their community, society, and ultimately, the world.

Why you need listen to it

All of a sudden, I was starting to feel great about the world and about our species. Amidst all the trouble and turmoil, I could see hope. Hope that even though the world is in a sad state, and we face several threats to our existence, all is not lost. That there are still people in this world who care. People who are willing to sacrifice time, energy and money, and do that extra bit for the world. And that hope is really all we need. Because when the going gets tough, and it will, Hope is what gives us the strength to keep fighting. Because despite all the darkness, problems and evil in the world, it's still a world worth fighting for.

That is the power of Humanity. It gives you hope, like it did to me. So if you care about humanity and want to feel great about it, then this podcast is the place for you. Give it a listen and you'll know, what I'm talking about !

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